New Children and Families Worker for the parish of East Grinstead

New Children and Families Worker for the parish of East Grinstead

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Published by Andrew Hawken on Sunday, 17 May 2020 00:00

Hello!  I’m Katharine Phillips.


I am delighted announce the appointment of Katharine Phillips as our new Children and Families Worker and to welcome her to East Grinstead. We all look forward to her work with our children and young people across the parish. 

When we interviewed her we had no idea that there would be a coronavirus pandemic! This does mean that Katharine will have to introduce herself initially via the online facilities that we already have at our disposal. With the help of Zoom and Facebook, instant messaging and email I am sure Katharine will soon get to know you all until it is deemed safe to meet again in the Church Hall.

Canon Julia Peaty has been keeping the children and families onside and doing Zoom Meeting Good News Club meetings with them. My thanks to Julia, Revd Karen Higgs, Gill Brown and Sylvia Hawken for looking after Good News Club over the past year. Now we look forward to new beginnings and the broadening of our work in this very important area of church life.

Andrew Hawken, Vicar of East Grinstead

Katharine writes . . .

I have come to East Grinstead via Bristol (where I was born), Montreal (where I grew up), London, Toronto and London again. 

I come to St Swithun’s having worked with children and young people in school and church communities, engaging with them through music, language skills and Christian education. 

As a person of a gregarious nature, I am pleased to meet people from all walks of life and at different points on their Christian journey. I am looking forward to sharing the joy of the Gospel message with the families of St Swithun’s!